Results & Data

Our Model in Numbers

CWC LA schools rank in the top 14% of all LAUSD schools in English and in the top 13% in math.

In English, CWC LA schools perform 47% higher than LAUSD and 26% higher than the state of California.

In math, CWC LA schools perform 68% higher than LAUSD and 39% higher than the state of California.

Proud to say that…


of students participate in Social Emotional Learning


of middle schoolers receive individualized high school counseling


of students are exposed to diverse and inclusive curriculum


of students receive arts instruction weekly


of students have a pathway to stay at CWC through middle school

CWC LA students have been accepted into more than 100 high schools across Los Angeles. Click here for the list!

CWC East Valley in Numbers

CWC East Valley is a racially and socioeconomically diverse school that strives to be representative of our surrounding communities.

  • 47% of students identify as Black, Asian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latinx, Native or Indigeneous 47% 47%
  • 28% of CWC East Valley families qualify for free or reduced price lunch 28% 28%

Our staff have on average 7 years of experience.

  • 100% of staff participate in weekly professional development 
  • Many staff and school leaders have been at CWC for several years

Annual Surveys

As a way to measure family involvement and satisfaction, our school conducts annual caregiver and staff satisfaction surveys. These surveys serve as critical indicators of how well the school is serving the needs of all families. We constantly work to achieve high response rates from families. Some examples below:

Across CWC LA

    • 97% of families stated that CWC provided a safe and healthy environment during COVID.
    • 87% of families believe their school strongly values the diversity and background of all children and families.
    • 94% of staff report that their work is quite meaningful or extremely meaningful to them.
    • 89% of staff have strong or quite strong feelings of belonging.

CWC East Valley

  • 85% of families report that their child is learning quite well or extremely well to work with others who are different from he/she/them.
  • More than 90% of families at CWC East valley strongly believe we are realizing the CWC mission and values.
  • More than 90% of families strongly believe that their child feels like he/she/they belong(s) at CWC East Valley.

Parent Testimonial

“We want our son to have an education that incorporates social-emotional learning and social justice and responsibility right along with phonics, science, and math. We believe CWC’s teaching style will best foster his love for learning and his wonder about ‘how things work’.”

Beth Goldstein Mother of CWC East Valley Kindergartner 2021

Parent Testimonial

“We are drawn to CWC’s mission to create diverse and inclusive schools that mirror the local community, and the L.A. community at large. We appreciate the approach to academics, the focus on context and the emphasis on students learning to come together and work together. The idea of meeting children where they’re at is so important to us, and we feel that CWC Schools deliver on that.”

Margo Day Mother of CWC East Valley Kindergartner 2021

Recognition for CWC LA


As part of this partnership with Citizens of the World Charter Schools, we have access to top education experts who help create the foundation for our educational model and provide access to innovative professional development opportunities for our instructional staff. CWCS gained national recognition for the educational model we employ here in LA.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative:

Article: How Schools are Expanding the Definition of Student Success

Case Study: Citizens of the World Charter Schools

The Century Foundation:

Profile: Citizens of the World Charter Schools: Balancing Network and Community

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools:

Profile: Federal Charter School Programs Are Key to Expansion

Our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum is part of our learning model and intersects in all that we do. Click the articles below to read about one aspect of SEL in action at our schools: mindfulness.

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