Get Involved

We are a community of possibility! We encourage our families to become active participants in all aspects of our school and explore the varied ways in which you can volunteer and get involved. Whether in your child’s classroom, on a committee, or supporting a school program or event, your contributions will enrich our school community and your child’s experience.

Volunteer Now!

While CWC East Valley is slated to open Fall 2021, there are still many incredible opportunities to get involved NOW and to volunteer to support us as we prepare to launch the school.

Do you want to contribute your special skills and talents to this unique opportunity to be involved in the opening of your child’s school? Want to be able to get to know the other families? We have an incredible community of families doing just that – join us today! Please email Roxana Reyes, Community Coordinator, at for more information.

Community Fundraising

Fundraising is a critical element to the success of our school and the unique program we provide, including supporting our Teaching Associates, as well as our art, music, physical education, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. Each CWC LA school sets a fundraising goal and hosts campaigns and events to engage the community.

Founding Family Perspective - My Little Citizen

I was 30 years old by the time I learned study and work habits. Until then, I only deeply engaged if I loved the subject matter. I didn’t value learning for the sake of it; instead of craving knowledge, my goal was to get by, and so my parents would leave me alone. It wasn’t until I was a high school sophomore when my English teacher assigned a series of personal essays that I found my voice and myself. I want that and so much more for my kid… 

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