How to Apply

Learn more about the application process! Current enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is for TK, Kinder, and 1st grade. Enrollment for the 2022-23 school year is for grades TK – 2nd. 


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Join the CWC East Valley charter school community! We are still accepting a limited number of applications for TK, K, and 1st grade for the 2021-2022 academic school year. To apply for CWC East Valley, please fill out an application on the ApplyLA website.


I applied, what’s next?

Steps to Enroll timeline

Step 1: Apply

5-minute application online or over the phone.

Click on ApplyLA to apply to multiple schools. Search Citizens of the World East Valley to find our schools. Apply on the ApplyLA website or over the phone at 1-877-877-5057

Applications are ongoing throughout the school year. Please contact our community coordinator at for more information on open spots at CWC East Valley.

Step 2: Lottery (February–March)

A random public lottery is held if the number of applications a school receives by the lottery application deadline exceeds the seats available.

Submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment. Attendance at the lottery drawing is optional and will not impact results. All families will be notified via ApplyLA and email of lottery results, including if their application is accepted or waitlist.

Step 3: Enroll (March–June)

Families who receive an offer:

If your student receives acceptance, you will be asked to complete an enrollment packet for your child’s school within 2 weeks.

Families who are waitlisted:

If your student is waitlisted, we will keep you updated as spaces become available until the class is full.

Step 4: Orientation + First Day (August)

Welcome to CWC East Valley!

More information will be provided for families who have fully enrolled at CWC East Valley about orientation offerings and exciting first day and first week of school events. Stay tuned!

We’re so excited to see you and your student(s) on the first day of school!

Quick Guide for Using ApplyLA

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Create an Account

w/ basic information about you & your student

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Search “Citizens of the World East Valley”

to apply to our school

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or Apply by Phone 1-877-877-5057

to the ApplyLA support line

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