Learning Model Overview

While we recognize that academic achievement lays the foundation for success, Citizens of the World Charter Schools LA’s model also acknowledges that students need more than success in core subjects to thrive in our society. 

3 DNA Strands of our Charter School

Just like a DNA molecule, three different DNA strands come together to create the foundation of our Learning Model and support our students’ growth towards mastery in our Graduate Dispositions. Our three DNA strands of our Learning Model are below and reflect commitments to Student Learning, Staff Learning, and Family Learning.

Core Academics

Student Learning – Staff Learning – Family Learning

We measure the success of core academics through existing, industry-standard assessments (e.g. Smarter Balanced Assessments) to measure proficiency rates, aligned to the Common Core state standards.

Social Emotional Development

Student Learning – Staff Learning – Family Learning

SED supports the growth and development of the whole child, helping children develop the ability to understand their feelings and those of others and how to control their feelings and behavior to support collaboration. Since day one, Citizens of the World Charter Schools LA has embedded SED in every aspect of what our children experience during the day.

Difference & Inclusion

Student Learning – Staff Learning – Family Learning

CWC LA creates a space to celebrate diversity across all characteristics and has developed organizational procedures to implement a model where everyone (students, parents, staff) can learn important skills around D&I. Research (e.g. stereotype threat) highlights the importance of D&I to solving the achievement gap challenge by helping students feel like they belong, develop their own positive self-identity, and much more.

Our Charter School Network

CWC East Valley is part of a network of charter schools across Los Angeles operated by Citizens of the World LA (CWC LA), a nonprofit organization governed by a local Board of Directors. The mission of CWC LA is to create an intimate network of high-achieving, community-based public schools for a diverse community of students, developing their abilities, confidence, and sense of responsibility for themselves and their community as true citizens of the world.

CWC LA partners with Citizens of the World Charter Schools (CWC Schools), a national nonprofit that is dedicated to creating a national network of charter schools that celebrate and reflect the full diversity of their communities. Their goal is to prepare students to succeed in our increasingly interconnected, global society and to help them fulfill their potential as CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.

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