Student Programs

Our Mission

To encourage and inspire youth to be lifelong learners of self, community and the world.

Our Vision

To create experiential learning opportunities for students that encourage critical thought, a sense of community and enthusiasm for learning.

Our Approach

We provide opportunities for students to collaborate and learn through hands-on experiences while fostering social-emotional awareness (SEL) and growth. By infusing mindfulness and self regulation to encourage critical thought, we build a sense of community and enthusiasm for learning.

Morning Care

Monday – Friday | 7:30 am to beginning of school day

Morning care is available on campus for CWC East Valley .All students must be signed into morning care by a parent or guardian. 

Morning Care is free and available to all Citizens of the World East Valley students

After School Program

Monday – Friday | Dismissal to 6:00 pm

Our After school programming is provided in partnership with Adat+.

Adat+ offers programs ranging from arts and crafts to sports to language immersion. Our after-school program is a place for your child to continue to grow and learn when the school day is over. Our program offers our participants a unique experience filled with skill-building, excitement, friendship, and lifelong memories. Adat+ creates an environment for children to make new friends while engaging in rich activities that cultivate kindness, growth of character, and an open mind.



Camp Citizens

Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break

Join Camp Citizens, where every day is an adventure!
During our school breaks, we will be engaging in fun, hands-on, safe learning IN PERSON at our Silver Lake and Mar Vista locations!

There will be plenty of activities like STEM Engineering workshops, Arts and Crafts, cooking workshops, and more, building our bodies and minds to help us stay pumped and focused. Camp Citizens is a great way to keep your kiddo engaged during breaks, playing and learning alongside their peers and creating lasting memories across the region.

Extended Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP)

At CWC LA, student programming outside of school hours helps enhance our learning model and bring social-emotional learning (SEL) to the full school experience.

Programs at CWC East Valley are:

  • Morning Care
  • After School Program
  • Camp Citizens
  • Summer program

Student programs are open to all students at CWC East Valley. Fees vary by program. Financial support through scholarships are available. 

However, students in grades TK-6: who qualify for free or reduced lunch, are homeless youth, and/or foster youth may enroll in the ELOP at no cost. To qualify, families must have a completed household income data collection form on file and the 22/23 student program TK-5TH  interest form

The Expanded Learning Opportunity Program which includes morning care, after-school, Camp Citizens, and the Summer program; provides students with academic and social enrichment through Project-based learning, physical fitness/activities such as sports, and integrates social-emotional learning.

CWC East Valley will implement the Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP), partially funded through a statewide grant. For more information go to 

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