Student Life + Support

The student experience at our charter school includes a diverse range of curricula, extracurricular activities, and opportunities to bond as a community. We offer many options for our students to choose from, making them directly involved in designing their own educational path. Get in touch to learn more about what it’s like to attend CWC East Valley.

Student Life

We work to build strong communities within and outside the classroom. Our talented teachers and staff focus on interactive learning experiences with small class sizes, low student-to-teacher-ratios, and a variety of enrichment opportunities, such as art, physical education, and music.

Special Education Services

CWC East Valley strives to meet the needs of all students, including those with disabilities, including but not limited to those with an Individualized Education Plan (“IEP”) and 504 Plan. CWC East Valley is open to all students and will not discriminate on the basis of disability. CWC EV’s approach to educational support services is one of inclusion for a full spectrum of distinct learners. We are dedicated to the belief that all students can learn and must be guaranteed equal opportunity to become contributing members of the academic environment and society.

Our charter school provides special education instruction and related services in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Improvement Act (“IDEIA”), Education Code requirements, and applicable policies and procedures of the Los Angeles Unified School District. These services are available for special education students enrolled here at East Valley. Students with identified physical, emotional, learning, or developmental disabilities have the right to placement in the least restrictive environment and shall receive special education services according to a written IEP. We offer high quality educational programs and services for all our students in accordance with the assessed needs of each student. We collaborate with parents, the student, teachers, and other agencies, as may be indicated, in order to appropriately serve the educational needs of each student.

For more information, please contact Kelly Norris, Director of Special Education, at 

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After School Care & Morning Care

The CWC Los Angeles school network is currently engaging in 100% distance learning. CWC East Valley will open in August 2021. When CWC schools are back on campus, morning care and after school care will be provided.

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